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Welcome to the exclusive art gallery and print shop of Dave Luebbert. Dave is an Air Force veteran who served during the Cold War as a radar electronics technician working on NORAD systems for the Air Defense Command, and felt privileged to support the many aircraft that filled the skies of the United States. Some of that early digital computer knowledge he now uses in creating his artwork. Though a long time artist of first traditional media of all kinds he gradually became purely a digital artist. He uses pressure sensitive displays to mimic traditional artist tools, new digital artist software, 3D modeling and rendering programs on both mobile and desktop computers.

Dave is now a commercial FAA certified remote pilot, so he is now in addition exploring the new world of art that has opened from above the ground, from the point of view of a sUAV, or drone. Look for still artworks here, and his video work from his website:

Dave's monitor is calibrated so when his original on screen work is sent to Fine Art America's printers, a faithful and accurate print of it is made.

Check out video "look-arounds" of Dave's paintings on Youtube:


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