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Dave Luebbert

Dave Luebbert

Independence, MO


Welcome to the ONLY authorized traditional and 2D/3D digital art gallery and print shop of Dave Luebbert.

Dave's first artistic love is the portrait, and draws and paints portraits of people, pets, animals, children, including homes, automobiles and other subjects with traditional media like pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and pastel.

Dave also paints on his electronic, digital "canvas", the Cintiq display made by the Wacom company, with the Wacom stylus as an art tool that can take many forms in many different software programs right on the monitor screen, such as a sculpting tool in ZBrush, or an oil brush, scratchboard tool, watercolor brush or sketching pencil in Painter. He adds a new digital artwork from time to time.

Dave's monitor is calibrated so when his original on screen work is sent to Fine Art America's printers, a faithful and accurate print of it is made.


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